Introducing the First VDO360 USB digital output directly HD PTZ video conferencing camera that is designed to bring you crisp clear HD plug and play video quality through the USB port of your MAC or PC. No need for PCI cards or additional hardware! With a patented FPF Focus system you can focus on your subject faster and with a large pan/tilt shooting range of up to 300 degrees horizontally and 180 degrees vertically the VDO360 PTZ camera reaches every angle with quiet agility. The VDO360 VPTZH-01 also boasts a 12 x optical zoom, an RS-232 input and multi-function IR remote control.

The VDO360 VPTZH-01 is the perfect camera for:
  • Video Conferencing / Telepresence
  • Distant Learning
  • Courtroom Recording
  • Corporate Training
  • General Surveillance

Product features

Low-light CMOS, adaptive brightness adjustment 1920 x 1080p format for high-speed output USB2.0 digital interface, driver free installation

Low CPU utilization

  • FPF focus control mode, (locks the focus point image)
  • Manual fine-tuning focus via remote
  • Possibility being hung to ceiling upside down with image correction (image is flipped to stay upright)
  • Free drive installation, compatible with the majority of video application software.
  • Supports Windows (Microsoft Windows® 8, Microsoft Windows® 7(32-bit and 64-bit), Windows Vista®, and Windows XP), Linux and Android as well as Mac iOS
  • Infrared remote control operation,effective distance 7m
  • Support RS232 serial control
  • Standard tripod bracket screw holes for easy installation


Lens area:
Effective pixels:
Focal length:
Lens angle:
Video format:
Video frame rate:
Operating voltage:
Operating Current:
Video unit: Dimensions:
low-light CMOS
1 / 2.7 "
1920 x 1080p Pixels
12x zoom lens
4.0 ~ 48.0 mm
maximum 43 °, the minimum 7 °
30Fps @ 1080p; 720p in MJPG
300 ° left and right Tilt: 180 °
12 V external DC
800mA mechanical PTZ 110mA
W90 x L110 x H105

Direct USB input – a world first!

No need to buy expensive PCI cards that are required with other video conferencing solutions. Simply plug the PTZ VPTZH-01 directly into your computers USB port. The direct connectionprevents loss of video quality which can occur when transmitting video through PCI cards. This is the worlds first HD PTZ video conferencing webcam with a direct usb input.

RS-232 input

An additional RS-232 input allows the user to use the VDO360 PTZ VPTZH-01 on the vast majority of video conferencing software applications on the market. Furthermore is provides compatibilitywith remote hardware tools (joysticks and toggles) and allows all camera settings and pan/tilt/zoom functions to be performed remotely.

Wide Range and super quiet Pan/Tilt system

A quiet direct drive motor mechanism enables the camera to rotate swiftly, smoothly and quietly covering a large shooting range of up to 300 degrees horizontally and 180 degrees vertically.

Optical 12X Zoom!

Just Plug and Play!

Unlike other video conferencing cameras, the USB input of the VDO360 HD PTZ VPTZH-01 allows you to simply plug and play directly into a Mac or PC and even use regular video conferencing software applications like Skype, Jabber, Lync, BlueJeans, Fuzebox, etc without any extra hardware or installations!

FPF Focus System

The VDO360 patented FPF focus system locks in the focal point much faster than AF focus systems found on most other PTZ conference cameras and is adjustable via remote control.

Multi-function IR Remote Control Unit

The simple to use an IR remote control unit allows the user to remotely operate the pan/tilt and FPF focus system.

Crisp HD Picture Quality

– 1/2.7” Low Illumination CMOS Sensor. The VDO360 HD PTZ VPTZH-01 incorporates a 1080p HD CMOS sensor with low light functionality giving you clear crisp video image results every time.